What is INAMER?

GRUPOINAMER is a company whose objective is to give the highest quality in any of the products that we commercialize.

We work directly with specialized manufacturers creating a range of articles that allows us to pamper and take care of the production lines..

Our slogan:

¡We commercialize the Quality, the best for you!

What is our objective?

Get adequate prices without lowering quality to reach all customers without having to subject the products offered to the final consumer at a high cost.

What advantages can you find buying from INAMER ?

  • Wide assortment within our families with which we are specialized and covering the 4th and 5th range.
  • We solve the problems of space that occur to store in your business, whether they are Restaurants, Cafeterias, prepared meals, supermarket, etc.
  • We manage the products they know in the market and want to incorporate it into their businesses.
  • Gastronomic solutions to suit you